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04-09-2013, 02:33 PM
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Originally Posted by HansH View Post
So have Winnipeg and Quebec City in the NHL, but that doesn't seem to disqualify them... what is it that you seem to have against Des Moines and pro hockey? You've had it pointed out to you before (if I recall correctly) that these are completely different circumstances than were present for the I-Stars/Chops, in terms of different business management of the franchise AND affiliation (gee, think Iowans might have a bit more connection to Wild players than they do to Stars or Ducks players?).

It _may_ be a failure when we look back on it from the future, but seriously, dude, "prior performance is no guarantee of future results". Try letting them make their effort before you bury them in this case.
It's Iowa!

Not gunning you down specifically for this Hans because you made a fair point on affiliation and location and it's reasonable but I find it really sad how minor league fans in sports make a big deal out of whom the affiliate is and don't just support regardless. Not like the major league team gives too much of a **** about you. You're just their dumping ground for extra bodies.

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