Thread: News Article: Don't boo the rookies
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04-09-2013, 01:34 PM
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Originally Posted by enrothorne View Post
Start giving refunds for the outrageous prices they charge and I'll never boo. I pay to see a quality product. Don't provide one, and I'll show my displeasure in the only way I can. If you hold up a sign that shows displeasure in any way, they confiscate it. How else is a fan allowed to show they aren't happy? Not show up after you are already there?
Don't buy tickets? I haven't been to a game this year because they suck.

I don't understand why people go to these games if they're just going to boo. I'd understand if we had a competitive roster who should make some noise like last years team, but look at the current roster top to bottom. Does it look like a team that's going to **** on other teams? No, it doesn't. The only way that roster wins a game is through hard work, solid defense, and Miller making some key saves. That's it. So what do you guys expect going into these games? They aren't going to wow you with skill and they're going to get dominated at times. It sucks, but it's to be expected.

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