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04-09-2013, 01:51 PM
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Originally Posted by stokes84 View Post
Loud negativity is annoying. It's ok to have different opinions, but the need to drown out everyone else with your own negativity is rude.

I can see why it might have a time or place (not for me), but when the game is tied or we are winning and its happening.... OMG, atrocious.
So you're ok with booing in moderation and in specific situations? Because that's where I am at for the most part.

Originally Posted by Beerz View Post
Because you're booing a bad team? You're booing the NHL's youngest team now. And because there is no cheers or support for the team in that arena unless there is a fight or a goal.
That is factually wrong. I already stated multiple times that later in that same game the crowd cheered VERY loudly after a long beautiful forecheck by the Sabres.

Originally Posted by Daz28 View Post
I think what they're trying to tell you is booing a bad shift might make you seem fickle, because the game is FULL of shifts, and picking out one bad one to satisfy your displeasure might appear stupid when the next shift nets you a goal and wins the game. If a team is on a 5 game losing streak, and is losing 4-1 with 8 minutes left, and your best veteran players are on the ice looking like garbage, then boo away. Just don't boo the hottest streak your team has been on all year, because they got hemmed in.
People aren't booing the hot streak. It was the 3rd of 4th time they got stuck in their own zone for a prolonged period, this one particularly long. Fans were booing that shift, nothing else. They did cheer good shifts and after the team won as well.

Originally Posted by Dubi Doo View Post
The debate isn't whether fans have a right to boo. The debate is whether or not this team deserves to be booed. I don't think they do. They're playing their ***** off. They're hungry. This isn't half ass losses or wins. If it was... I would agree the booing is well deserved. This is an AHL team (With a few exceptions) pulling out wins when almost everyone including myself thought they'd be in a free fall after the deadline.

So anyone who is booing them looks like a jackass, IMO. And I have a right to my opinion, too.
So it's ok to boo them if they aren't "playing their ***** off" (overall), but not after multiple extended shifts stuck in their own zone? Is that correct?

Originally Posted by stokes84 View Post
Let's just put it out in the open. We have a horrible crowd.
... Can't argue there.

Originally Posted by Daz28 View Post
I think the Bills are even a factor in it. It's just general dissatisfaction in our local sports, because the state of the Sabres is probably better than it has been in years. Maybe not by our position in the NHL standings right now, but just overall stability. Not too long ago we faced losing this club.

I agree with everyone who said "give us a good team, and we won't boo", but I remember not too long ago, "let us keep our club, and we'll be happy". Then it was, "give us a owner who wants to win..."

This is more about the booing in this last game, which they won. I don't think anyone thinks booing a bad team on a bad run is wrong.
So fans aren't allowed to boo because the team won the previous 2 games?

Originally Posted by Dubi Doo View Post
Don't buy tickets? I haven't been to a game this year because they suck.

I don't understand why people go to these games if they're just going to boo. I'd understand if we had a competitive roster who should make some noise like last years team, but look at the current roster top to bottom. Does it look like a team that's going to **** on other teams? No, it doesn't. The only way that roster wins a game is through hard work, solid defense, and Miller making some key saves. That's it. So what do you guys expect going into these games? They aren't going to wow you with skill and they're going to get dominated at times. It sucks, but it's to be expected.
Fans don't buy tickets with the intention of booing. They buy tickets to hopefully watch an entertaining hockey game. Booing is a small action within the game itself, no different than cheering. It should have no relevant to why a fan bought a ticket in the first place. To suggest so seems like grasping for reasons to hate booing instead of a practical conclusion.

Originally Posted by Daz28 View Post
That's kinda the way I see it, too. We don't have the battleships to blow Jersey out of the water, so we played to our strengths, and got a victory. That's good for a young team, but for some reason not good enough for our fans. I'd imagine if all fanbases were like ours, they'd be jumping out windows after losing to our AHL team featuring John Scott on regular shifts, right?
That's the conclusion you've reached because some fans booed one terrible shift? So what about those same fans cheering multiple times afterwards?

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