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Originally Posted by GoneFullHolmgren View Post
Then why is there an argument against goaltending not being a problem. or Bryzgalov being one of the main problems?
As far as the rumor goes, I would look for the body language of the players on the ice after a bad goal. At some point it does affect the players mentality if its happening over and over again.
If you are a player on a team and you know that you need to score 4 every night to win that has to wear on you after awhile.
I'm not sure we're debating exactly the same issue. I'm not at all saying goaltending isn't a problem; I'm focusing on the rumor that the players are slacking because they have given up on Bryzgalov. Your original post on which I commented seemed contradictory: if they weren't confident he would stop a shot, they would arguably do more, not less.

To your point above, the converse at the beginning of the season could be argued: if you are constantly, game in and game out, being left out to dry as a goaltender breakaways, 2-on-1s, 3-on-1s, men left wide open in the slot to bang at rebounds, defensemen not picking up trailers who pot rebounds after a big save do you start showing your frustration?

At this professional level, neither should happen.

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