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04-09-2013, 02:36 PM
Time for a reset
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Originally Posted by BigKing View Post
Twitter is so effing stupid. Not saying the idea is, just Twitter in general.

As for the "fluke" theme, I think the boards would have no problem understanding it since it was a discussion all throughout summer, the lock out and still pops up in threads.

I haven't read the twitter thread because I'm sure it's a giant waste of time, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone brought up the Kings being a fluke or something to that effect. If the fluke theme is mentioned inside of the twitter thread, then it is more prevalent than a bunch of teenagers and Edmonton fans upset about the Kings twitter feed.

Not quite understanding how HF wouldn't understand a "fluke" theme when LA has commonly been called the worst Cup Winner in the last ten years all over these boards.

If we use the twitter theme, can we ditch the iphone from it though? I hate those damn things.

Oh, and change the color from blue to some sort of Kings color, be it black/silver or purple. Biting the Twitter font for the logo is good enough: doesn't have to be blue as well.
The twitter theme has more possibilities since it can range from last season or this season. The fluke theme limits us to last year. Plus, if anyone wanted the fluke theme, we can make a twitter avatar with a fluke hashtag.

I think the twitter logo has to be instantly recognizable or else it's going to take too long for people to get it. Maybe the bird with a crown? Here's a rough mockup:

Originally Posted by Stupid Sexy Flanders View Post
funny hashtags engraved on the cup?
Ooh that's good

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