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Originally Posted by BlueshirtBlitz View Post
What is this, Bleacher Report? "Negative loser mentality"?! You sound like Mike Francesa. Amar'e, before he got injured again, was playing fantastic basketball. You can't blame a dude who was straight balling for bringing other guys down, because he WASN'T. Fact of the matter is Carmelo hit a slump and has finally shaken that off over the last two weeks. It has nothing to do with "intangibles."

If nobody has a chance to beat the Heat this year, nobody has a chance to beat them the next few years either, so hoping we get Chris Paul isn't going to change anything. We beat the second best team in the league right now because Raymond, our subpar PG, played a FANTASTIC game with Tyson and the pick and roll.

Are the Heat favorites? Yes. Are they favorites for good reason? Absolutely. They're the best team assembled since the Shaq and Kobe Lakers.

But with Carmelo and JR playing lights out basketball and everybody else playing as they are, the Heat absolutely won't barrel over us. It'll be a hard fought series (if there is a Knicks-Heat series.) If Amar'e comes back and plays like he was before he got injured it'll be that much harder for the Heat to win.
Knicks Record with Amare: 16-13 (Mediocre) (.55 W%)
Knicks Record without Amare: 34-13 (.72W%)

Facts are facts. Amare was trying to be pawned off for free, but no team wanted him because he's a liability. He is a negative influence clearly due to his antics last year's postseason. Punching a fire hydrant and going out with injury, just moronic. Not to mention the suspension in the playoffs vs. the Spurs that cost the Suns a final berth.

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