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Originally Posted by Whale View Post
And how was Quick in his first run at being a starter? I believe that we shelled him right? I can't believe that virtually no one is concerned about this. And Schnieders numbers have always been good because he's played against non playoff teams for pretty much his entire career, he was a backup, and this run he's on now, well, 9 of 11 against non playoff teams. The playoffs are another beast, when he's getting run and having good teams picking apart the finer details of his technique things can get real tough real fast.

So now Schnieder has to step in and play like Patrick Roy, he basically has two years to win a cup, if he fails in that, the fans will be all over him by his contract year.

He has been sitting there watching the fans here throw our one time saviour Lou under the bus, do you really think that he is going to extend and put himself through that? Think about it, he will be on the first flight to the East coast. Anybody remember that Lou posted shutouts in game 1 and game 5 of the final, he was a conn smyth candidate, and it was hardly a collapse after that, in game 7 he gave up three, the fourth was an empty netter and we didn't score ANY goals. He still has had that pegged on him?!?! You think Schnider didn't notice that?

The fans here always blame the goalie, even when the forwards don't score a single goal! We had exactly a 0% chance of winning three of the seven games in the 2011 final... who's fault is that, Lou's obviously.

And this is a no win situation, because if Schnieds does win a cup, how much is that extension going to cost? Rinne is the highest paid right now at 7 million per, so more than that... how does that effect the team as a whole? It means that we will be forced to become a defensive goalie centered team, the new New Jersey.

There are not many things that I have been critical of, but the length of Schnieders contract is a serious problem long term for this organization. I still can't believe that it wasn't because they planned on keeping Lou and not Schnieds, it just makes no sense at all. If he is the new starter, why risk trading Lou and having no #1 in just three years when he is in his prime?

So you are all applauding us reducing our window to the next three seasons.... brilliant stuff

My only hope is that Lou somehow gets a shot in the playoffs and all the anger and frustration that he must be feeling fuels a fire that takes him and us all the way to the cup just to spite the ungrateful fickle fans of this team.

Cam Ward says Hi.

Also, Thankfully Schneider is not as thin skinned as some of the fans here.

You think he'd be disgusted that fans here have bought Luongo jerseys in droves, supported him and screamed his name every time he touched the puck, and that the team rewarded him by making him one of the richest goalies in NHL history, only to willingly anoint Schneider when he himself deserved it?

You're right. He's rather be in Tampa.

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