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Originally Posted by Hockeynoitall View Post

You are correct and while there could be many reasons for Saskatoons issues, I believe it all boils down to them only wanting to join if they can win. The first time around, parents voted overwhelmingly to not join, and not travel, gently pushed along to this decision by SMHA. This time around, by all accounts, parents were not consulted at all. The decision to try and join was made in secret by rich egos, for a few elite kids whom they feel a need to showcase around the province. SMHA was obviously scared a parental vote would again yield the same results. As well, they obviously feel 5 teams will not be competitive enough to win.

I don't care either way. I just find it amusing that hockey politics have never changed, and likely never will. It is too often an old boys club, controlled by the rich, and/or the parents of the elite. SMHA should cut its losses, put up and shut up. If SBAAHL says you can join with 5 teams, then join with 5 and see what happens. Re-evaluate on a yearly basis. Quit if you don't like it. See if your parents are truly on board with the decision being forced upon them. If enough parents of your skilled players want to travel, you will be fine. And quit using the excuse that 3 kids left because the league wasn't competitive. Those types of kids leave leagues all the time for many reasons. They are chasing a dream and make huge sacrifices along the way. SMHA/GSHL, put your egos aside and make decisions based on the wishes of your members, the kids.
I agree with the last notion. Players chase the dream. Alberta was a hockey stronghold this year and still terrific players left for academies. Dillon Dube to Notre Dame, Kody McDonald and Tyson Jost to POE (although the POE boys were gone two years), Ralph Jarret to POE, Jaeger White to BWC, and three more to OHA. No one in Alberta is claiming the AMBHL is not competitive, not is the SBAAHL complaining that they are losing players to Notre Dame regularly.

From an Alberta perspective I admire the Saskatchewan system as it is effective and fair based on the population dynamics.

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