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Originally Posted by Chiram View Post
5mil/season is ok with me. As Koivu is our leader overall, Markov is our quiet leader on the blueline, he doesn't speak much, he has garnered a 'weird/freak' personnality with the medias (althought IMO it's just that he doesn't speak alot, that's it), and he still have potential left.

We NEED this guy, simple as that...

I will never argue with the fact that Andrei is the most important piece in our Defense , and in the top3 of our system overall
As we all saw, it s almost dangerous on how important he is to our game.
but i still don t believe he s worth more than Koivu and kovalev,
Markov, while playing really well the other seasons before the lockout never played as good as this season.
I still do not think he deserves 5 millions next year, 5 millions should be gave to someone like Koivu and kovalev that prooved what they re worth during the years.
I also dont agree with that freak image media gave him,(or some ppl on that board) that s really stupid. i also believe he s just a quiet guy and that s it

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