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04-09-2013, 03:51 PM
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Originally Posted by TheHudlinator View Post
It is about the chances he has been given. In the ahl if he had a bad game he wouldn't see the ice for weeks but if Taylor or Brust have a **** game they get a day break and then get another chance. In the nhl MacDonald got light up and was given a game 2 days later when Irving had a bad game they gave MacDonald the starter role and sent Irving to the ahl.

It isn't that people think Irving is the best goalie since Roy, but when you look at how other goalies are treated after bad games versus how Irving has been treated there is a huge difference. Regardless of if it is because Irving was a "Sutter guy" or they simply don't think he has a future in the nhl, it is very clear that management has given up on Irving regardless of what he does on or off the ice.

Kipper has been dreadful this year but if you bring it up his numbers people say "We have **** defense its not all on him" but when we talk about Irving the numbers apparently tell the whole story.

This team is suppose to be going with a youth movement and we are giving Horak, Sven, Reinhart, Carson etc a chance to prove themselves but Irving most likely won't get a start in either the ahl or the nhl because we have the youth movement in net lead by 33 year old MacDonald and 36 year old Kiprusoff. If this is how we start the youth movement its going to be a long decade. /end rant
Agree with most of your rant.

It makes me think there is some other issue at play here than Irving's abilities.

He went from the high of beating out Karlsson for back-up behind an ailing Kipper to AHL Bench-warmer in a span of less than a month.

That just doesn't happen in a normal situation and it makes me think there may be some attitude or commitment issues at play here. Or management is just ******* him around for whatever reason.

Either way, Irving still has yet to be given a real shot at the NHL, and if Kipper is calling it quits on this team for the rest of the season then they need to bring Irving up and see what they have in him.

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