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04-09-2013, 04:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Zip15 View Post
Mets and Orioles. The latter primarily because we live in Bodymore now.

I expect the Mets to fade badly, just as they did last year, but they'll be a tough out when Harvey and Niese are on the mound. I'm excited for Wheeler's eventual promotion, as well.
Where did you grow up?

Originally Posted by couture23 View Post
Yeah, Harvey is looking like an absolute stud.
The Mets have some ****ing live arms, now and in the minors.

I'm a big Yankees fan because of Donnie Baseball, so I've been around longer than the dynasty epoch (though the majority of my memory has consisted of successful baseball teams)...

But I'm also the rare NYer that enjoys the Mets...I love when they're good, when they're winning, when their fans are amped up about them. I think they may have the best broadcast teams, as an organization in all circuits, in all of sports. The TV crew they use on SNY is phenomenal, Gary is great at calling the games and Ron/Keith are awesome offsetting the PBP and supporting it...Howie and Josh are just as good... Eddie C in pre/post/beat coverage on the Fan... it's great.

I am forcefed a ton of Mets because WFAN rarely gets turned off, even in hockey season. My radio day goes like:

- Boomer & Carton
- break, joe and ev in the background
- Francesa all day...
- Ice Cap on XM NHL after the last West Coast game when I'm pulling my insomnia

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