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04-09-2013, 06:24 PM
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Fire Krueger

I never really liked the hiring of Krueger in the first place. There have been many little things, throughout the year, which Krueger has done/not done that just make me go through the roof.

I realize he came into the year saying, the Oil were going to attack and teams had to match lines against us. I applaud that, however, not respecting other teams stars, the time of the game (late in period/game, in OT) has lost us some games.

I will give two examples off the top of my head:

Yesterday with 6 seconds left, he has gagner taking the draw, not Smithson? Smithson was 83% yesterday, and gagner was the worst among Oiler centers. I don't care about right or left shooting, you don't win the draw, you don't have the puck, you don't even have a chance to tie. Even Nuge was 60% yesterday.

The Vancouver OT goal a couple months back: He has Eberle and Yakupov out there together? Seriously? To me that is just ridiculous.

There have been various times throughout the year where he has Dmen out there, against other teams top scorers, that have no business being out there!

I am not jumping off the wagon, I think with a few more pieces and the young guys just getting older, wiser and stronger, this team will be a force. I just don't think the Oiler brass (Lowe, Tambo, MacT, Krueger, Bucky, Smith) are the right guys to lead any organization.


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