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04-09-2013, 05:45 PM
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Originally Posted by TheHudlinator View Post
Slightly better than either Irving or Kipper but not enough to justify throwing away a prospect over. If Macdonald was 5 years younger I could understand this but the fact is Joey most likely only has a couple years left, Kipper is most likely done after this year. We need a goalie next year and for several years after that, Irving is the only goaltender that can fill that role and the organization not only doesn't play him but plays every other goalie before him.

Again if we even played Irving on the heat that would make some sense but over the last 2 months Brust has a sv% of .860 and he has been given 14 starts Irving has a SV% of .920 and has 5 starts. Taylor has a SV of .890 and has more than double the starts. Irving was hurt for 2 weeks but still gets **** on when he plays well in comparison.
IMO it's more than slightly. I think he's been quite noticably better and showing FAR more stability back there. Kipper's been a wreck back there for obvious reasons. I'd like for Kipper to be our back-up next year and bring in Ramo as our #1. We now have a plethora of young guys we can bring up as Plan B and Kipper as Plan C.

I really don't know why you think Iriving wasn't given a fair shot. He was the 3rd string on the Heat and who was called up first when Kipper went down? Him. He had all kinds of chances and just simply was not good enough to earn that title as our #1. Blame it on D, new system, whatever. The only goalie who has shown he can handle it this year IMO is Joey Mac.

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