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Originally Posted by Blizzard6411 View Post
I was with you kind of but you completely lost me when you ended with the bolded part.

If he is on the team he will be neither a distraction or a hindrance, he will be a hockey player just the same as everyone else on the bench.
He's a distraction and hindrance to Darcy Kuemper, who knows that any given day he could be called up on emergency to fill in and then go back down the next day. Distraction to Niklas Backstrom(or whoever our starter is) in that he might have to make an emergency start if Harding's not ready to go, or come into a game because Harding's "off".

Originally Posted by Ladde View Post
There is absolutely 0 reason to buyout Gilbert. His contract will end after next season. And unlike Heatley he doesn´t have a cap hit of 7,5mil.
There's plenty of reason to buy out a d-man making over 4M if he's sitting in the pressbox because there's 6 guys that give us a better chance to win.

Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Another thing to keep in mind, you have to think about how you could replace or upgrade from someone if you buy them out.

Heatley - easily replaceable, he's played out of the top six role and can't play a checking role, we have lots of internal replacements.

Gilbert - not very replaceable, unless Dumba is ready to go right away next year, which I doubt...just look at the list of UFA defensemen. Also, we already need one top four defenseman, if we buy him out, we need two. I would let him play that last year and see what he does.

Brodziak - again, not very replaceable. Before the Larsson trade, maybe he could be expendable, but not now. We're going to probably need a #2 center next year, we don't want to go looking for a #3 center. He hasn't been great this year, but he was very good last year, I'd let him try and bounce back. And again, look at the list of UFA forwards, not a lot out there.

Harding - if you re-sign Backstrom, he is replaced right there, and at a modest upcharge (at this point).
I don't see how dropping Gilbert means we need another top-4 d-man, he hasn't been in our top-4 for 6 weeks and we haven't regressed because of that. We'd need a #3RD, because Spurgeon's fine on the 2nd pairing.

Originally Posted by this providence View Post
If the Wild buy-out Heatley, in addition to having to pay out bonuses to Parise and Suter; that right there is a lot coming straight out of the owner's pockets. Don't see the team buying out anyone else. Especially on this roster as there's no one player who the team absolutely could not move, nor can they afford to really lose without going out and spending all that money (and maybe more assets) on the position anyway.

All in all, just see it as a step backwards.
Wouldn't surprise me at all, but I just don't agree that we can enter next season with Josh Harding under contract. Unless we're willing to bury him in Houston, which would send a worse message than buying him out IMO. Certainly not enough time for Josh to re-establish himself this year, and I had my doubts 12 months ago because of his inability to stay healthy, MS just complicates that further.

Originally Posted by State of Hockey View Post
Gilbert. In fact I'd buy him out before Heatley. Heatley can still pot a few goals. Gilbert brings nothing.
The difference in cost is too much for me if we're viewing Gilbert and Heatley as ~15 minute 3rd liners at their respective positions. But yes, I'd rather have the Dany Heatley of the last 15 games than the Tom Gilbert if we're talking the same price.

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