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04-09-2013, 05:50 PM
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Originally Posted by State of Hockey View Post
Haha, and I see why you're not one either. Coyle has proven nothing. In fact the only thing he's proving is mediocrity considering the golden playing opportunity handed to him. Larsson outperformed him offensively in Houston. It wouldn't be hard to outperform Coyle in the NHL. And Larsson is a center that can play a physical, 2-way game. Coyle is too slow to play center or be more than a NHL 2-line winger. Larsson was desperately needed in this organization considering the age and mediocrity of the NHL centers.

You know how bad Coyle has been offensively this year? Statistically Torrey Mitchell and Cal Clutterbuck are as good offensively as Coyle, and that's with them playing on the grind line versus the first line.

He's too slow right now to be an effective center. He doesn't even play the game like a center. He's a perimeter player.
First off, Coyle's a rookie. How and why are you statistically comparing him to vet NHL players? That just makes no sense...

Also, Coyle's not slow. He's not Zucker fast, but he can hold his own just fine.

Finally, while your comparing him to Clutterbuck and Mitchell, you should also note that he does have really good hands and is strong on the puck. Neither Mitchell nor especially Cluterbuck have good hands or are strong on the puck. No one can deny these are traits of Coyle. Bouchard is a perimeter player, Coyle is no where near being a perimeter player.

And, if you think that he's peaked in regards to his development already, then I want what you're smoking.

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