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Originally Posted by J22 View Post
If you honestly think that Larsson is a better skater than Coyle? well then its really not even worth the time
Have you actually seen them together in person? I have. They're close in speed, but no way is Larsson slower than Coyle. And Larsson plays like a center. He's comfortable in the middle of the ice. Coyle takes things outside. So there you go.

Originally Posted by MuckOG View Post
Don't feed the troll.
Sorry to see that you don't know what a troll is.

Originally Posted by DeuceMN View Post
First off, Coyle's a rookie. How and why are you statistically comparing him to vet NHL players? That just makes no sense...

Also, Coyle's not slow. He's not Zucker fast, but he can hold his own just fine.

Finally, while your comparing him to Clutterbuck and Mitchell, you should also note that he does have really good hands and is strong on the puck. Neither Mitchell nor especially Cluterbuck have good hands or are strong on the puck. No one can deny these are traits of Coyle. Bouchard is a perimeter player, Coyle is no where near being a perimeter player.

And, if you think that he's peaked in regards to his development already, then I want what you're smoking.
Is it really that unfair to compare a top NHL prospect with a pair of offensively-struggling bottom-6 grinders? Seriously, have we lowered our standards for acceptability that far? Great, he's a big guy with good hands. Well then where's the production that should come with that? If he has all these advantages, the results should be there. But they've been missing in both pro leagues this year. He makes one good play every game or two and then everyone has a crush on him. Give me a break.

I'm sorry, but Coyle is fairly slow overall, although it's an average speed for a big guy. At least he plays that way. Just watch him. You'll see it. And when I say perimeter player, I mean along the boards and down by the net. In other words, not the middle. And who is suggesting that he's peaked? Hey, your words, not mine.

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