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Originally Posted by SirKillalot View Post
I think the avatar should be something positive of/about the team. Or against all the other NHL-teams.

Not mocking the team.

Something like: Hockeytown Survival Guide/Rules.
I see what you're saying. I would choose a theme that could express my pride and amazement if the Wings do manage to make the PO's. The genius of the Survival Guide was it could be used however one wanted, positive or negative/humorous.

A great one last year was the Flyers' "Rookie Mistake." The worst of all was the Pens "play-offs, shirts off." That could be the worst of all time. Not funny, not interesting, downright queer.

My ideas in the moment are, "don't count on it..." or hey "count on it" "against all odds..." "22 years and counting..." That theme could allow favorite players to be incorporated. Something fairly generic and simple could be good. "Nailed It" is pretty good so far.

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