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04-09-2013, 06:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Alflives View Post
I agree with all you points except the last one. From what you write, you imply the Canucks should (for their future success) keep Luongo. Therefore, stating that Luongo should replace (for whatever reason) Schneider, and make a playoff run contradicts that point. Don't you believe it would be best for Schnieder to continue to play very well, into the play-offs too, and in the summer, Schnieder is traded for a missing piece? (I would expect you would like to see a top goal scorer in return. I think they need a #1 D-man, but that's a different thread.)
I guess that I have not expressed my key point clearly enough.

Schnieder is a slightly better goalie right now, my concern is that he is only signed for two more years after this season and will be a highly prized UFA at that point. This is a huge error on the part of the organization because the fans here will chase him out of town if he doesn't win the cup before then. Injuries, blatant bias on the leagues part, hot opposition goaltending, normal learning curves, none of that matters to fans and media here. We could get shut out in four games of a series and it will still fall on the goaltender. I am not exaggerating, we got shut out three times in the SCF and a poll would clearly show that most fans think the problem was goaltending.

Someone mentioned peaks and valleys, that is not what the last three GM's of this team have talked about. They have all stated that they want to build a team on the model of Detroit and New Jersey, a team that remains in contention for the long term, this move is directly contradictory to that effort.

I have real problems understanding why they would risk that and reduce the teams window of elite goaltending to just 3 seasons. I wouldn't be concerned at all if it had been a 5+ year deal, but 3 is a very risky proposition.

That is why I think that it would be better for the team long term if Lou was to somehow come through and win a cup. Schnieder would fetch a huge return that would make us a team that doesn't need a perfect goalie, just a good veteran guy. If Lou can't even bring back Ben Scrivens then we are looking at losing an elite player and getting nothing back at all.

It's not like Lou is washed up, at one point this year he was leading the league in all statistical categories, ALL OF THEM, THIS YEAR.

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