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04-09-2013, 07:05 PM
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Originally Posted by FLAMES666 View Post
No they probably won't win out, but it doesn't do any good for the franchise if they did. I doubt people are cheering for them to lose (cheering when the other team scores), hoping and cheering are two different things. I hope they lose more games then win down the stretch but I still want them to give an honest effort. When it comes down to it everyone wants a franchise player, winning a bunch of games down the stretch and drafting 6 - 10 isn't going to do us any good. Unless your content with floating in 9-12 position year after year.
I thought this was pretty much established weeks ago and again confirmed by management around the deadline? This team is not good enough and is rebuilding/retooling.

So sorry some guys are having some fun with what is an embarrassment of a season. Crucify all of them. Smh...

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