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Originally Posted by Sheet View Post
No. What I'm saying is don't punish the son for the father's sins. I'd like some hot shot proven gm to come in and rip it up for us , but if Eric is what we get, I'll give him the same chance I will anyone. Proven coaches doesn't guarantee success either, otherwise they'd never get fired.

Not that I'm saying Chenoweth or however it's spelt should be our hc, I'm just saying in terms of lacroix, if it's what we've got to work with next year he deserves a chance. He could build us a dynasty. At any rate we can't get any worse then the worst so whatever.

Either way this sort of season can't be pegged on any one individual. A coach is as good as the tools he has to work with withholding his own sense which sacco lacks. A Gm is only as good as his staff, etc .
And again what I'm saying, or asking for, is that we hire a GM or coach as most organizations would hire a critical employee. Based on their skills, experience, results, fit, track record that minimize risk of hire and bring necessary qualities and experience to the organization. Sure we could catch lighting in a bottle by hiring somebody with no GM experience, but we've done that and it's gotten us nowhere. Let's try a different approach this time.

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