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NYR Top 10 Centers of All-Time (Preliminary Top 20 List Due!)

  1. Eligibility
    • Players who played 75% of Regular Season games over a minimum of 4 seasons for the Rangers AND whose primary position was Center during their tenure as a Ranger
    • Players will be judged only on their accomplishments as hockey players
    • A player's accomplishments at his secondary position may be taken into account; it is up to the list maker to determine how to evaluate such players
  2. Preliminary Discussion Thread
    • Anyone may participate in this thread (yes you!), even if he or she does not plan on taking part in the voting phase
    • Any eligible center may be discussed
    • Posters are encouraged to share information about centers in this thread and to take information shared into account when constructing their own lists
    • Brief comparisons between players are permitted, but detailed cases and debates should be saved for Round 2 of Voting.
    • Please do NOT rank players outright in this thread.
  3. Voting
    1. Round 1
      • All participants submit a list of 20 centers ranked in order
      • All eras MUST be considered
      • To make it easier to aggregate the submitted lists, please list players using their most commonly used name; e.g. Mark Messier, not Moose
      • Lists may be submitted via email or via PM to me. Excel format preferred, but not required.
      • Deadline for list submission is May 9; this thread will remain open until the deadline
      • Players will be assigned a point value on the list based on ranking
      • Players will be awarded 20 points for a 1st place vote down to 1 point for a 20th place vote
      • An aggregate list of the top 20 centers will be compiled ranking them in order of the most total points
      • Participants MUST submit a list in Round 1 to be eligible for Round 2
    2. Round 2
      • The top 10 ranked players from the aggregate list will be posted in a thread
      • Players will be listed in alphabetical order to avoid creating bias
      • Player merits and rankings will be open for discussion and debate for a period of five (5) days. Administrators may extend the discussion period if it remains active.
      • Final voting will occur for two (2) days, by email.
      • Top 5 players will be added to the NYR Top 10 Centers of All-Time list
      • Results will be posted and the process repeated for the next 5 places with remaining players until a list of 10 centers is obtained
  4. Quality Assurance
    • Lists may be subject to an evaluation process
    • The submitter of a questionable list will be given an opportunity to defend or justify any selection under question or to correct errors and resubmit.

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