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12-28-2003, 06:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Nash13
I pretty much agree. The funny thing is if Canada just went out and played a run and gun style and lost the games 7-5 or whatever and didn't win a medal, the same people moaning about boring hockey would say how Canada isn't a hockey power anymore, and "what is wrong with our development system?" People seem to equivalate (is that a word?) scoring with exciting and entertaining hockey, which is the most ridiculous thing. Scoring is usually peoples first response when saying hockey is boring.

I don't know, am I the only one who likes watching a team physically punish the opponent along the boards, and in the corners, watch some big hits and add in some scoring chances, and pretty goals? The WJ have always brought that imo.
Hey I love this tournament as much as the next guy and think 1-0 games can be more exciting than 7-6 games.

But I don't think the cycle is exciting or entertaining hockey. It is a neccessity at times during a game and can be an effective tool. But as G Man stated, we're seeing no offence off the rush. Everything is geared towards setting up the cycle. I can remember when a two on two meant an opportunity to try a deke or a criss cross, but now they don't even try, they just dump it into the corner and everyone goes into robot mode.

It used to be that this style of play was confined to the NHL, but it's just sad to see it progress to junior, especially at the WJC.

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