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04-09-2013, 08:54 PM
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Personally, I would deal Del Zotto if it came to it. And no, not just because of Monday's game.

I think he has some major issues between the ears, which are not all that easy to fix. Making good decisions, consistency of performance, and maintaining confidence.

If I were building a team every dman in the top-4 (at least) would be, at bare minimum, rock solid in their own zone, consistently. That's #1. #2 is being able to effectively move the puck up the ice; not talking far blue line stretch passes, just execute a breakout and competently distribute the puck in the offensive zone.

Del Zotto to me is great (most of the time) at #2, often far exceeding what I look for, making stretch passes and jumping into the play. It's priority #1 that can at times be an issue. Factor in that for an offensive defenseman he has no shot to speak of, with serious accuracy issues even on point-blank wristers, and the decision is more clear.

I would prefer to keep all 4 dmen. But if I had to pick one to trade it would be Del Zotto. In addition to the above due to his age + stats he would probably have the 3rd highest trade value of Ranger blueliners. Only reason I would consider moving Girardi over him was if the medical staff was worried about Girardi being too banged up long term.

Just my 2 cents. Realize this will likely not be a popular opinion.

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