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08-26-2006, 01:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Taz#24 View Post
To Boston: Ryan KESLER and Peter SCHAEFER
To Ottawa: PJ AXELSSON and Matt COOKE
To Vancouver: Anton VOLCHENKOV and Wayne PRIMEAU

Salaries exchanges...Boston deals away roughly 3 mil (PRIMEAU at 1.125 and AXELSSON at 1.850) million and picks up roughly 3.1 million (SCHAEFER at 2.1 and KESLER at probably somewhere in the 1 per area).
Ottawa deals away roughly 3.4 VOLCHENKOV at 1.3 and SCHAEFER at 2.1) million and takes on 3.3 (AXELSSON at just over 1.8 and COOKE at just over 1.5)
Vancouver deals away roughly 2.5 (COOKE at 1.5 and KESLER potential 1) and takes on 2.4 (VOLCHENKOV's 1.3 and PRIMEAU 1.125)

Sounds like the perfect deal to me.

Everybody gets something they need/want. Boston needs gritty forwards and a defensive presence to replace some of what will be lost with AXELSSON's departure.

Ottawa wants AXELSSON, they get him and the land a suitable player to replace SCHAEFER in COOKE.

Vancouver is thin on D, VOLCHENKOV will go along way to help them in that department and the get a big shut down center iceman while dealing with the Ryan KESLER contract issue at the same time.
Ottawa doesn't do it. Schaefer, IMO, is just as valuable as Axelsson and has much more value than Cooke. This is a guy who scored 50 points last year, is the best board player in the league, and just commited to the team for 4 years.
Adding Volchenkov would make Ottawa give up too much for what they're getting in return/

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