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04-09-2013, 09:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Stewie Griffin View Post
Since when is pride a four letter word around here?

Someone wants to cheer their team on to win - so they're ridiculed? They question the loyalty of those who cheer for "their" team to lose, and they're crucified?

I am disappoint.
There's 2 sides to the point.

If we were in still in the playoff race/still a bubble playoff team, then cheering against the Flames is a bad thing. The team would still have that it's chances at the post season and a chance (albeit a small one) at winning the Cup.

But we aren't. We are a team that just initiated it's rebuild. The team has 10 games left. Only 10 games left this season. Winning is always a good thing for the guys on the team, but climbing the standings is counter productive right now. And earlier on in the season, I think we all knew that the only way to get a proper rebuild going was for the team to lose games. We were all talking about it before, and it was understandable why some fans would want the team to lose: not because they like seeing the Flames lose and stay as a bottom tier team, but to force the rebuild that ownership would only initiate after seeing how bad this team actually was. And we should all understand the idea of "we're already at the bottom of the NHL with 10 games left, we might as well throw the rest of this shortened season away and get a franchise centerman/winger/defense man", whether we like it or not.

What we Flames fans and Avs fans did with these GDT's was a great idea for lightening the mood, and should not be taken so seriously as AH took it. It wasn't a game against the Hawks, the Wings, or anyone else. It was a game against the 2 worse teams in the NHL where a victory or loss is more or less meaningless. Depressing times for both clubs, so we might as well make some fun out of it. Now, if Flames fans are still rooting for this team to lose at the start of next season, then you obviously know Flames fans from the "pathetic excuse of a sports fan" as AH puts it.

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