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Originally Posted by State of Hockey View Post
Haha, and I see why you're not one either. Coyle has proven nothing. In fact the only thing he's proving is mediocrity considering the golden playing opportunity handed to him. Larsson outperformed him offensively in Houston. It wouldn't be hard to outperform Coyle in the NHL. And Larsson is a center that can play a physical, 2-way game. Coyle is too slow to play center or be more than a NHL 2-line winger. Larsson was desperately needed in this organization considering the age and mediocrity of the NHL centers.

You know how bad Coyle has been offensively this year? Statistically Torrey Mitchell and Cal Clutterbuck are as good offensively as Coyle, and that's with them playing on the grind line versus the first line.

He's too slow right now to be an effective center. He doesn't even play the game like a center. He's a perimeter player.

Coyle is slower than Larsson?? Have you ever even seen Larsson skate? His stride=problems? Don't mind you the fact Coyle is 6'2 210 and Larsson is 5'11 195.

Coyle a perimeter player?? You have clearly not watched a single game?? His best strength is his wall play which already at 21 might be the best on the team that features the likes of Parise and Koivu who are wall play gods in this league.

Larssons upside in this league is a 2nd/3rd line center man. While Coyle's is a top line Power Forward.

Lets look at the AHL stats:
Larsson 62GP 15 goals 22 assists 37 points
Coyle 47 GP 14 goals 11assists 25 points

So Coyle has a goal less in 15 games less. Mind you Coyle played the entire 47 games in a star studded AHL at the time while Larsson has racked up a huge chunk of his points since the lockout lifted in an AHL that actually looks like the normal AHL.

Also Coyle has 6 goals in his first 27 NHL games..this isn't a season vet..comparing him to vets is unfair because every rookie struggles to put up points to start their career...leaving him on pace for 18..remind me how many Koivu had in his rookie season??

The answer was 6..but that was in 64 games..How about Marian Gaborik...well he had 18. The pace Coyle is on.

Just because he isn't a 30 goal scorer right this second doesn't mean that he won't be in the next few years. Coyle already belongs in the NHL..Larsson doesn't and is a Wild Card. Coyle is a proven sure thing. AND his potential and ceiling is way higher.

In what world would you have traded Coyle before Larsson? Wonderland?

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