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04-09-2013, 10:59 PM
We don't need one!
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Originally Posted by Larry44 View Post
I used to like Lavy, but watching them play this year, even before all the D got hurt, I kept asking myself whether they had any coaches at all.

There is no D zone coverage. None of the forwards seem to know their assignments. Or if they do, but ignore them, there are no consequences. I'm not even going to talk about all the bad penalties.

The team has tuned him out. The old 'early timeout to scream at them' doesn't work. Lavy needs to go and Berube needs to go with him.

What we need is a young, disciplined coach like Peter DeBoer, who came up from Jr and knows the game and how to teach a young team how to play a structured game. I haven't scanned the entire Jr and AHL ranks for 'next one' of coaching, but someone like Dallas Eakins for example, would be a better option.

The 'system' Lavy is trying to use, whatever it is, only works against teams that don't play D, like Pittsburgh, and then only sometimes.
The system requires a lot of work (constantly moving your feet/skating), discipline and the right personnel .....none of which we have this season and yes injuries compounded things. I think Lavi is good coach and given the right personnel and a fresh start he can continue to have success in the league..I just think his time here has run it's course and yes they need a good teaching coach but still needs to be Stevens types or for that matter recycled old boy network coaches like Murray and Paddock. They need a fresh perspective from outside the organization.....and depending on what Holmgren does in the offseason.....they might need the same for a GM if Snider can bring himself to stop his meddling and cosa nostra crap. I love how he said Bryz was Holmgren's idea and that the coach will be up to Holmgren. If Snider was really that far removed and believed the Flyers were Holmgren's to manage he would just shut his dentured trap...honestly I know he is the father of the Flyers and all and I respect him for what he's done for this city but I think he needs to step back more although if Holmgren craps the bed this offseason obviously he's going to have to get involved and think outside the box...something I'm not so sure he can do considering dementia seems to be setting in...

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