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12-28-2003, 06:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Corey
So players talk to Pedneault on the QT about Koivu's shortcomings as a captain, as has been suggested on this forum? Well, who are they? I think you could leave out the 5 other European players. I also think you could eliminate Ryder, Ward, Rivet, Langdon, Kilger, Souray, and Komisarek. That makes 12, plus Koivu himself. Who's left? I would presume they are Québecois (if they exist), because who else would be talking to Pedneault? There's Quintal, Brisebois, Bouillon, Théodore, Garon, Bégin, Ribeiro, Dagenais, and Juneau. Is there a clique among them? What would they be complaining about to Pedneault and not to Julien? Above all, if there are such malcontents, what is their claim to fame? Have they ever won anything? Is there any really strong personality among them who could serve as a leader? Maybe Quintal, but he's in the twilight of his career. A goaltender isn't allowed to serve as captain (because he isn't permitted to cross the center red line to talk to an official), so that leaves out Théodore and Garon as captain candidates. Who's left now? Bégin and Dagenais are newcomers and don't have clout. I would be inclined to leave out Brisebois, Juneau, and Bouillon. Ribeiro? He doesn't have the personality to be the captain. So whoever is talking to Pedneault (if he exists) isn't captain material himself but isn't above tattling. Now where are we? Perhaps Pedneault is inventing the situation out of whole cloth to stir things up, as other posters have suggested.

all those speculations !

i never said that players have talked to pedneault about Koivu , i have talked about players / journalists at large that are talking together ,

and how can you speculate and decide who is talking to who ? why are you sure that euro players don't talk to Pedneault , or Souray or Kilger . who are you to decide that it could be only french players that are complaining about the leadership of Koivu , or that are talking to pedneault ?
and all those speculations to prove that Pedneault is inventing news ...

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