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Originally Posted by shoop View Post
There are obviously no guarantees. Dubie is signed next year and brings no decent trade value. So I think bring someone who can push Dubie. A Ben Bishop perhaps? Clearly not an upgrade at this point, but he might provide some competition. Sign him on a two-year deal at reasonable money.

Going in a different direction, Luongo being bought out is looking more and more likely. Five years, $5M a year. A little low on salary and term but I think he'd jump at the chance to eff the Canucks in their division and show them that he should have been the choice. Gotta move Dubie's salary to make this work, but if he's as good as everyone here thinks it should be doable.

As for cap room, conventional wisdom on this site appears to be that Horcoff is not getting bought out over the summer. That blows me away if anyone is serious about cap room. Getting rid of Horcs (and maybe N. Schultz) creates a ton of room for signings, including the possibility of a goalie.
I'd be shocked if Luongo got bought out. Last year the Canucks had an operating income of 30.4 million before before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization. A Luongo buyout would cost 27 million dollars. Considering about 9 million dollars of their profit was probably from the playoffs (afaik playoff games are worth about 3 million each) and all of a sudden they may have made less than 20 million in the regular season and that's still before the money that they still have to pay to taxes and whatnot. So basically a Luongo buyout would cost them, as far as we know, easily more than a full regular seasons profit. With the Canucks being a cap team we know Lou's salary will be replaced so it's not like there will be savings in that regard. One small consideration is that it's spread out over 18 years, but even then that's a long time to be writting million and a half dollar cheques. So even it it being spread out makes it more digestable for a team lets remember 27 million is 27 million, and that's a lot of ****ing money for jack ****.

Imagine being a GM and asking your owner to dedicate a full years of profit, which again is a staggering 27 million dollars, just to get rid of a guy (a guy who's not useless yet either and you signed). Yeah good luck keeping your job as a GM.

I don't know what the Canucks will do, and a buyout is still possible i suppose, all i'm saying is it doesn't seem very realistic. It's easy for us to forget and not worry about how much money this really is but it's probably a lot harder for the owner to do the same.

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