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04-10-2013, 12:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Smokey McCanucks View Post
SOB was one of my favourite Canucks and one of my favourite ex-Canucks, awesome guy. Can't blame him for looking forward to Vegas more than playing for that crummy Avalanche team, if that's even true, I mean who wouldn't?
Probably because your profession, especially one in which you are contracted to play for millions should take precedence over pretty much every form of off ice entertainment.

Thats the definition of maturity.

And as a leader he should be leading his team to un-crumminess. As JSG alluded to the opposite is happening.

**** guys give up family time to play.

Originally Posted by jammyrft View Post
I may be in the minority here but I'd take Alberts 8 days a week over SOB. In fact I'm not quite sure there's a single part of SOB's game that's even better then Alberts

Not more physical
Not a better skater
Not more offensive
Doesn't throw as big of hits
Isn't as dedicated
Isn't 6'5 and ripped as Alberts

...defensive awareness is one thing, but even then he's not that good hence bouncing around from team to team and being scratched from the worst team in the league

Glad we got rid of that fat boy

Alberts gets and has gotten far more hate than he deserves.

Originally Posted by jammyrft View Post
You know when SOB is making summer drunk fest plans for playoff time he's already checked out mentally, not planning on putting in the effort and basically just skimming by collecting pay cheques till the next time he gets to go tie one off
For that to happen he would have had to have checked in at some point in his life.

Its amazing that posters on here have criticized the nucks for having a country club atmosphere under AV when the AVs are a perfect example of country club.

Originally Posted by Pizza Mane View Post
yeah, I dunno I don't really have a problem with this. It's not like he chose the dates for a vacation, its a huge music festival that I'm sure alot of players would want to go to, if they weren't in the playoffs obviously.

Im sure a lot of players want to do a lot of things. Unfortunately they sign a contract to the tune of millions that they have to fulfill.

Again maturity, bro.

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