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Originally Posted by Richter Scale View Post
Count me in - limited time but will contribute what I can.

Rule proposals:

- Some sort of threshold for GP or seasons with the club to be allowed to be considered in the ranking. For instance: A guy like Pat LaFontaine. I loved him when he was here, but he only played one season with us (and only about 65 games during that season). Do we consider him, or no? I'd say no - but would be open to arguments either way.

- Only the player's play/time with the Rangers can be considered in the ranking. For instance, if we consider whole careers (i.e. when players played for other teams), Gretzky is easily the best player to ever play for the Rangers, but wouldn't necessarily be #1 on the list if we only consider his tenure with the team (not a knock against Gretz - he played pretty damn well with us for that point in his career).
Gretzky should be on the list...he had one of the best seasons in rangers history

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