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04-10-2013, 01:07 AM
Good Night
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>ask girl out on a date
>she says yes
>ask her what time her dad can drive us to the movies
>she just gives me a blank stare
>ok well you guys should pick me up around 7
>give her a fist bump and run home in excitement
>her and her dad pick me up around 7
>no one says a word on the way there
>he drops us off
>as I'm getting out of the car I stop and ask him for the money for the movie
>he just stares at me
>politely inform him movies don't grow on trees
>he gives me $30
>I clear my throat and keep my hand out
>he gives me another $10
>I roll my eyes and say "thanks, guy" really sarcastically
>girl I asked out is looking super embarrassed
>get to the ticket window
>ask her "did your dad give you any money for the movie?"
>she looks like she's about to cry
>"well you should call him because he only gave me enough for myself and some food"
>we didn't go on a second date

what the **** went wrong?

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