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04-10-2013, 01:12 AM
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Originally Posted by JDinklage Morgoone View Post
You read far too much into everything. You are the antithesis of BP1974. For as much as he blindly defends him, you blindly hate him.
I don't blindly hate Bryz. I've always wanted Bryz to succeed here. I still do. I was cautiously optimistic when we first signed him, the caution coming from knowing Phoenix played a defensive shell style and also from hearing Phoenix fans who were happy he was gone and were warning us about him.

Any hatred I have for Bryz has been well-earned via his inconsistent play and more-so his terrible attitude / low compete level. And to be honest, I don't really "hate" him. I hate his contract (Homer's fault), I hate the fact that he's been extremely inconsistent, but for the most part Bryz has struck me as a nice guy who just can't hack it here as a goalie. And I can't "hate" a guy personally because he's not a good hockey player. But his attitude has started to rub me the wrong way and it has made me start to dislike Bryz the person. With the amount of money he's being paid, he could at least act like he cares about the fans / playing in Philadelphia. He could at least act like he doesn't want to be bought out and would prefer to stay and help right the ship. He could at least admit that he hasn't been good enough this season, shoulder some of the blame and say he's committed to getting better (rather than quoting Wayne Gretzky to explain his save %).

As far as my latest comments, I guess now it's too much to ask to have a goalie who actually wants to play for your team or at the very least has the common sense to fake it as long as he's in Philly.

I cannot for the life of me understand what is going through his head when he decides to hold court w/ the media prior to a must-win game (if we wanted to have any chance of making the playoffs) and then proceeds to say he doesn't care if he's bought out and doesn't really care if he's playing in Philadelphia next year. Why couldn't he just dodge the question like 99.99% of the players league wide would? Or how about just towing the party line and saying you want to be in Philly no matter what?

Maybe you can explain it to me... what was the point of those comments? What is beneficial about feeding nuggets like that to the media?

I can understand the poor / inconsistent play, it happens to mediocre goalies and that's what he is. And I can "tolerate" him being overpaid, at least till he's bought out. That's not his fault, that's on Homer + Snider. But what I can't tolerate is his lack of competitiveness. No cup winning goalie has ever shrugged in response to poor play and a benching and said "What can I do?" No cup winning goalie responds that he doesn't care if he's bought out or if he's playing in a different city next year. No cup winning goalie responds to a nearly dead-last in the league save percentage by acting like he's played at a world beating level and quoting Wayne Gretzky saying stats are overrated.

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