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04-10-2013, 01:38 AM
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This show is frustrating.

they need to go more in depth with their story lines, although I will say that this season has been better then years past. The thing I'm finding is that the characters have really gone as far as they can go in terms of development...and its like its the same old thing with them every single episode. Dean makes a pop culture reference while yelling. Sam broods in silence and hides his drama from Dean. God I remember when the dialogue in this show used to be hilarious, and the episodes themselves were well put together and funny.

the rabbit's foot episode. the time loop. That one that was set in hollywood. Very very solid episodes.

In the earlier seasons...this show used to have emotion and the actors connected with their its like their burnt out and are totally doing it for the money.

This show used to rock the ****ing casbah, now its just tired and stuff.

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