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04-10-2013, 07:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
I keep saying it 'cause a top 5 pick has 2 things. Great number of expecations based on how high he is picked. And a great number of pressure based where he's playing. Thing is, at one moment you explain Price's "problems" based on how bad the team was and then praise him not mentioning how great the team was. The end-result with him is that when the going gets tough in the playoffs, he still, to this day, has no results to show for. And his biggest fail, of his young career, was to not be able to be THE guy to help us reaching the 3rd round. He does do good in regular seasons, does rack the stats. So he is good. But giving him 1 year of learning experience in the AHL with the highs and lows would have slowed down the expectations. And would probably have helped him answering the bell in the playoffs. Yes, he had some good games in the playoffs. But in the end, you don't remember a goalie by his great game here and there, but how far he brings his team in the playoffs. I mean, no he doesn't have to win the cup all year. But at one point, he will have to bring up a little further than anticipated. Or at the very least, make this great and even better one. In the end, no matter how we look at it, he had 2 very good seasons based on save% 07-08 and 10-11. And 1 good playoffs based on Save% in 10-11....but in 1 round only. I beaten by the Cup Champions. That's the end-result on stats though. Not a bad goalie. Just believed he needed a little more time to even be a more determinant goalie that he already is.
So you're okay with his regular seasons it's the playoffs that have bothered you? He's been the starter for three playoff runs.

I agree he's had some mixed results but I don't think that's indicative of him being brought up too early. First playoff series he was great then in the 2nd round he wasn't.

His second season he never should've come back from the DL so early... his stats are black and white after returning from that injury - and the team sucked. I give him a mulligan there.

His last appearance against the Bruins was strong.

I also don't get the method by which you're measuring his performances... You say he wasn't good enough to win against the Bruins, but his save percentage was great. A save percentage of .934 is pretty ridiculous and you should expect to win with those kinds of numbers. Two of our losses came in overtime (one in double OT.)

I don't see how being brought up early has been detrimental to his development. You say he hasn't got us to a 3rd round, well okay that's true. But he's only starting his career. We finally have a good team surrounding him so I'm optimistic that we can go another round or two this year. I don't expect us to win a cup now but I think we can contend for the foreseeable future. I have worries about the team going forward but Price isn't really among them. No he's not Hasek and he never will be but he's solid. I know he's unproven in the playoffs but every goalie is unproven when they first start out. Rask is unproven for example, doesn't mean that he's not great to build with for the future.

As for him being drafted top five... who would you rather have had in the top ten? Bobby Ryan maybe? Jack Johnson? (Both drafted ahead of him.) In the first round we could've had Rask or Kopitar if we cherrypick and those guys would be close. You could probably cherrypick some guys in the later rounds like Letang but I'd say we did really well with taking Price. We could've been stuck with Brule, Poulliot, Lee...

Apart from Crosby I think Price will wind up having the best career out of the players taken in that draft. Kopitar, Letang, Rask and Quick might have something to say about this but my money is on Price.

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