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Bringing over pnep's list of Rangers ranked by HHOF Monitor Points. Table is sortable by position.

Originally Posted by pnep View Post
#PlayerPOSHHOF Monitor PTS (NYR only)
1Bill Cook RW2141.50
2Frank "Raffles" Boucher C2117.50
3Andy "Handy Andy" Bathgate RW1392.50
4Brian "Leetchie" Leetch D1297.05
5Ed "Fast Eddie" Giacomin G1295.50
6Bryan Sr. "Hex" Hextall RW1170.50
7Douglas "Brad" Park D1101.45
8Mark "Mess" Messier C1021.00
9Dave "Davey" Kerr G927.00
10Ching "The Holding Corporation" Johnson D887.95
11Rod "Mr. Broadway" Gilbert RW872.50
12Bill "Gads" Gadsby D855.05
13Ceece "Two Gun" Dillon RW839.00
14Lynn Patrick LW816.00
15Frederick "Bun" Cook LW762.50
16Chuck "Bonnie Prince Charlie" Rayner G736.00
17Jean "Ratty" Ratelle C696.50
18Neil Colville C660.60
19Harry "Harry The Horse" Howell D626.75
20Jaromir "Jags" Jagr RW615.50
21Camille "The Eel" Henry C600.00
22Erhardt "Ott" Heller D576.20
23Phil Watson C571.00
24Herbert "Buddy" O'Connor C561.50
25Vic Hadfield LW547.00
26Art Coulter D465.70
27Murray "Mudhooks" Murdoch C458.00
28Steve "Sarge" Vickers LW448.50
29Walt Tkaczuk C440.45
30Adam "Gravy" Graves LW423.00
31Doug "Dallying Doug" Harvey D384.40
32Mike "Iron Mike" Richter G384.00
33Butch "The Oil Man Of Owen Sound" Keeling LW381.00
33John "Beezer" Vanbiesbrouck G381.00
35Alex "Shab" Shibicky LW380.50
36Edgar "Beaver" Laprade C379.50
37Andy "Spuds" Hebenton RW374.00
38Wayne "The Great One" Gretzky C370.00
39Ron "Honker" Greschner D368.50
40Dean "The Dynamo" Prentice LW347.50
41Bob "Stretch" Nevin RW342.50
42Clint "Snuffy" Smith C322.50
43Jim "The Chief" Neilson D300.50
44Phil "Espo" Esposito C297.50
45Don "Bones" Raleigh C296.50
46Don "Big Frame" Maloney LW291.50
47Alexei "AK-27" Kovalev RW290.50
48Earl "SI" Seibert D290.25
49Gilles "Smiley" Villemure G288.00
49Lorne "Gump" Worsley G288.00
51Tony "The Bulldog" Leswick LW265.50
52Bill "Billy The Kid" Fairbairn RW262.50
53Mathew "Mac" Colville RW259.50
54Phil "The Professor" Goyette C251.50
55Babe "The Honest Brakeman" Pratt D250.75
56Dave Maloney D242.60
57Anders "The Swedish Express" Hedberg RW238.50
58Rod "Sod" Seiling D233.35
59John "The Port Perry Woodpecker" Roach G230.00
60Barry "Bubba" Beck D225.05
61Ron "Doogs" Duguay C216.50
62James "Jeep" Patrick D215.45
63Pete "Polish Prince" Stemkowski C214.00
64Petr "Neddie" Nedved C212.00
64Red "Sully" Sullivan C212.00
66Jeff Beukeboom D211.40
67Don Marshall LW203.00
68Grant "Knobby" Warwick RW200.00
69Paul Thompson LW197.50
70Carol "Vad" Vadnais D195.85
71Kelvin "Kelly" KisioC192.00
72Mike "Garts" Gartner RW186.00
73Allan "Snowshoes" Stanley D184.65
74Tomas "Tommie Gun" Sandstrom RW184.00
75Danny "Dashin' Danny" Lewicki LW183.00
76Sergei "Chimo" Nemchinov C178.50
77Leo Bourgeault D171.75
78Wally "Hergy" Hergesheimer RW167.00
79Earl Ingarfield C162.00
80Don "Murder" Murdoch RW161.00
81Lorne "Chabotsky" Chabot G160.00
82Dave Balon LW159.00
83Pat "Hitch" Hickey LW156.50
83Nick "Tricky Nick" Mickoski LW156.50
85James "Kilby" Macdonald LW154.00
86Ted "The Babyfaced Assassin" Irvine LW153.00
87Art Somers C152.00
88John "J.D." Davidson G151.50
89Andy "The Glasgow Gobbler" Aitkenhead G150.00
90Pentti "Penny" Lund RW149.50
91Dutch "Wib" Hiller LW149.00
92Alexander "Pottsy" Karpovtsev D147.50
93Clarence "Taffy" Abel D146.25
94Mark "Mark The Shark" Pavelich C146.00
95Arnie "Brownie" Brown D145.60
96Eddie "Popsie" Johnstone RW143.00
96Alf "The Embalmer" Pike C143.00
98Tom "Cowboy" Laidlaw D142.70
99Murray "Muzz" Patrick D139.20
100Doug Brennan D138.80
The HHOF Monitor Score (for forwards) works like this:

Adjusted PTS/2 + PO PTS +
Top 10 in Goals after Season - 5 pts +
# 1 in Goals after Season - 75 pts +
# 2 in Goals after Season - 50 pts +
Top in 10 Assists after Season - 5 pts +
# 1 in Assists after Season - 75 pts +
# 2 in Assists after Season - 50 pts +
Top 10 in PTS after Season - 5 pts +
# 1 in PTS after Season - 75 pts +
# 2 in PTS after Season - 50 pts +
# 1 in "+/-" after Season - 35 pts +
# 2 in "+/-" after Season - 25 pts +
Cup - 50 pts +
Final - 25 pts +
All Star Game - 20 pts +
HART - 150 pts +
HART Runner Up - 100 pts +
BYNG - 75 pts +
BYNG Runner Up - 50 pts +
1 ALL STAR TEAM - 75 pts +
2 ALL STAR TEAM - 50 pts +
CALDER - 35 pts +
CALDER Runner Up - 20 pts +
SELKE - 30 pts +
SELKE Runner Up - 20 pts +
CONN SMYTHE - 150 pts +

In case you're wondering how adjusted points is calculated, here is the write-up:

And if you're wondering how "accurate" the HHOF Monitor Points formula is, this would be the top 10 forwards of all-time if you applied the formula to all NHL player careers:

1. Wayne Gretzky 8827.02
2. Gordie Howe 6171.61
3. Mario Lemieux 4586.35
4. Jean Beliveau 4253.44
5. Phil Esposito 4096.48
6. Maurice Richard 3829.98
7. Bobby Hull 3671.88
8. Stan Mikita 3583.61
9. Jaromir Jagr 3237.64
10. Guy Lafleur 3060.04

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