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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
So what do you want Hardy?

What "answer" are you looking for?

Exactly what players are getting shafted or handled unfairly in your opinion?
Be specific, name names, lets do this!

What does the new talent stream have to do with Gordie Howe's greatness?

(And you can ignore the car thing all you want but it's an extremely accurate parallel in almost every facet here.)
I gave specific examples of Nieds, Zubov and the guys in the late 60's and 70's as the obvious ones. during the top 60 project Pilote and Gadsby also came up but given your analysis of Savard/Zubov it's doubt full that you are serious at looking at the differences in eras but rather have other interests at heart.

quite simply you say that you account for the differences in eras but your posts and reactions to any discussion on the more current players becoems an entire critique to knock them down.

Guys like zubov and Nieds had to contend with talent streams that earlier guys didn't and it doesn't look like it was accounted for.

Here is Nieds one more time for his career,

he is first in scoring among all Canadian defensemen over his time in the NHL, has both a Norris and a Conn Smythe.

Looking at his competition form the top 10 in total scoring over his time in the NHL he has the 2 guys ahead of him form Europe in Nik and Sergei and in total 11 of the top 20 point getters from the D position aren't Canadians.

Yet Gadsby (without a Norris and a pretty weak playoff resume) breezes into 21st place and Vaslieiv into 25th?

It's pure speculation on how Vasiliev would have done directly into the NHL during his playing days but man he gets the benefit of the doubt and Nieds even with more TOI than Stevens gets pegged not only as lesser than him but by quite a margin as well by the critics.

Also enough of this "there was no competition from Europe and the states during x players time so why punish him" mumbo gumbo when it's perfectly clear people are doing so to the modern player, just make it an even playing field when evaluating players or is that too much to ask?

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