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Latest "Hockey Talk" podcast with Ryan Boulding, long and wide-ranging conversation

Pretty interesting 70 minute podcast on Dater' blog, probably the most media coverage on the Avalanche we're going to have for a long time. I know a lot of people (me included!) aren't big fans of Dater, but I think this is definitely worthwhile to listen to. He talks with Ryan Boulding of Hockey on the Rocks, who wrote this article and was interviewing Giguere when we went on his "tirade."

(mods: sorry if this belongs in an already established thread, but it's pretty wide-ranging and touches on a lot of issues like Sacco, Sherman, Giguere, Varly, Landeskog, Kroenke)

I'll re-listen to it and take notes on some really interesting anecdotes or conversations that Avs fans might find interesting. After the 40 minute mark it starts to descend into classic Dater (meandering off-topic), but the first 50 minutes are well worth the listen.

The first 20 minutes is more about the Giguere comments, but some interesting tidbits start after the 14 minute mark.

-Avalanche possibly filmed the Giguere interview, the video of which will "probably never see the light of day."

-14:00 The players are "pretty quick to get into the showers and out of the locker room without anyone sticking a mic in their face." The only other player still in the room was Hejda.

-17:00 "Did Giguere go too far?" Neither thought so, thought that a "kick in the pants" might be what the young players need. They bemoan the repeated cliche answers the players give when they come out flat.

-19:30 Dater wonders if there will be backlash (from management) against Giguere, seems to think there might be.

-21:30 they talk about Sakic's first few years with the Nordiques, and how he apparently was pretty depressed and angry with his teammates during the bad old years. Gives some perspective on what we've been talking about with regards to what losing seasons do to the players.

-23:45 Short thoughts on tanking.

-25:00 They start talking about Landeskog as captain. Quick comment about Landeskog needing to learn to be the last guy to hit the showers after a loss. "Hard to be captain when you're not playing well."
-27:10 Anecdote about Landeskog taking command in the game against Calgary, the day that ROR signed. Not anything was said directly to the media about it, but the players rallied around it.

28:20 Talk about Denver as a hockey town. Only 16,000 households watch the games on TV on average. Out of all American hockey markets, Denver is the only one that's down this year.

31:20 "There's a funk in the locker room that you can feel when you go in there." Had a sad conversation with Hejda, who's not having any fun right now.

32:30 O'Brien getting benched and low TOI because they thought he came into camp out of shape.

33:10 Sacco "didn't pick this roster. Sacco didn't sign these guys to extensions, didn't sign Greg Zanon. Someone every year is in the Sacco doghouse."

34:20 Sacco not afraid to bench players ("Except Paul Stastny!"), but it doesn't seem to do anything to motivate players. Drive-by comment on Papa O'Reilly's "external management philosophy."

35:25 After Greg Zanon went berserk on Kiszla over stepping on the logo, he had a talking to and got benched the next game.

38:20 Talk about how Kroenke fired Bob Hartley after a winning season and good record.

39:00 Ponder whether the organization is cheap enough to keep Sacco around next year purely so they aren't paying for 2 coaches at once. Dater paraphrase: "You wouldn't think that. But yet, knowing how cheap the team is, they might." Supposedly the Avs were forcing the players to pay the $10 internet fee at hotels until recently.

40:00 Stan Kroenke is a "black hole", Josh Kroenke "wrapped up in the Nuggets, that's all he cares about right now." Dater knows nothing more than anyone else what the Kroenkes are thinking.

40:30 Talk about how this story was big in the hockey world, bringing a lot of bad press to the organization. Large numbers of people went to both of their blogs yesterday. Changes the dynamic of the pressure on Sacco/Sherman, "a little more unpredictable" what happens now. Dater thinks that organization has stopped caring what happens the rest of the season.

43:00 Pierre Lacroix has started traveling with the team now. He's in LA for the two games coming up.

43:30 Eric Lacroix during angry conversation with NHL officials after blown call against Wild, the theme of conversation was "this could cost people their jobs."

44:30 Players refuse, even in private, to blame Sacco for the team's ills.

44:45 Defense is brutal, soft. Avs lack an intimidating guy. But entire defense is signed next season, "do you buy 2 guys out?" "Why do you sign Shane O'Brien and then bench him?" "Why sign both Zanon and SOB?"

46:30 They disagree about EJ. Dater's getting tired of EJ's game, Boulding argues that his D partner is important.

47:30 "I've never seen a worse shooting defense in my life." "Last defenseman who could shoot was Rob Blake."

Elliott is "not working out," "the next Colby Cohen."

48:30 Talk about Gaunce. Dater forgot that he played 11 games for us.

49:15 Talk turns to Varly. Dater thinks management has lost faith in Varly, think he'll get traded next year and they go with Pickard next year. They think it will be telling if Aitto starts on [Thursday]. Dater thinks that organization thinks that Varly quit on the team, doesn't look like he cares. They think he looks a lot like Andy did before he got traded. Dater: "Varly not good in pressure situations right now."

51:30 Dater: "I KNOW that Varly isn't playing as much lately because they [implied to be coaches] think his body language is bad and that he's quit." Varly has refused to talk to the media. Boulding: "When he came to play at the beginning of the season, not everyone did."

53:45 Ponder whether Varly is actually hurt. Dater at least has suspicions that he isn't.

54:10 Dater sounds dead certain that Pierre Lacroix is still in charge of this team.

55:00 Sherman "gun-shy" after the EJ trade, didn't make a single other trade before the O'Byrne trade. [EDIT: they mention this, but it isn't factually true. All of the Varly, Quincey, Liles, Downey trades occurred between, plus some minor trades]

55:25 Talk about Kroenkes as owners. Boulding thinks that the Avs are making enough money that the Kroenkes don't care what happens with the team. Arsenal fans also complain about Kroenke. "How often do you hear from ownership here?" "Not much."

56:30 in the hockey issue of Mile High Sports magazine (October), there is an interview with Josh Kroenke. It's a basketball interview. Dater's only interviewed Josh once in his life. Boulding has seen him at one game. Dater thinks that Josh just lets the hockey people make all the decisions. Wonder whether the Kroenkes might start questioning if they have the right people.

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