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Originally Posted by Richer's Ghost View Post
I've played with a lot of guys with the same issue and I even had it to a degree when I first played. They seem to want to pick the ball off the grass more than hit down into the ball and take a nice divot. Divots are the golf gods saying "nice swing" - even if it doesn't go where you want. I started getting consistent distances and being able to pick the right club when I started hitting down into the ground and letting the club do the work the way it's supposed to. Of course you're going to hit fat a couple of times until you get a consistent swing and stop swaying your hips too much or dropping that shoulder trying to torque out a monster hit, but that's all part of it.

2 lessons by a golf pro that is not a swing mechanice nazi will do you wonders. Like BordeursCups said, embrace your natural swing (as long as it's not crazy awkward) and the pro will teach you the keys to a smooth consistent motion to put that swing to work for you in very little time with a few tips to get you back on track when playing on your own. Well worth it. Another thing that totally changed my game was my grip strength. I had a death grip on mine thinking you can use your arms to power through the ball when it actually takes away club head speed. Arms like rubber, holding the club only tight enough to keep it from twisting or flying out of your hands was his suggestion. Power comes from the hips and they lead the shoulders.

Man now I really want to play. I smell a sick day Friday.
And this is why hockey players are "natural" golfers. They're used to hitting the ice behind the puck, same principle.

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