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04-10-2013, 08:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Top 6 Spaling View Post
The immediate future (next year) looks awfully bleak IMO. I will reserve final judgement til I see how the draft and free agency go, but I think the window has shut on this team.
Really? AWFULLY bleak? I gotta' ask - what's your idea of bleak?

Our kids got a lotta' experience that you have to believe DP and BT didn't plan on. We've seen the results in the W/L column and it's disappointing. However, don't you believe that experience ultimately benefits them and their development?

Look at Bartly - at best he was #8 and an emergency call-up; we know he can play without hurting us, certainly solid as a 3rd pair guy - which give DP that much more flexibility in how he looks to potentially deal Blum or Ellis (or even Gill, depending on how on you look at it).

Look at Beck - some people clamoring for it but did we really think this 21yo kid was gonna' see anything but 4th line grinder time in a BT system this year? He's playing on a skill line, getting meaningful minutes. Willy started breaking through like we all hoped. Watson is getting some time other than 7mins/game with Yip and Clune, which is kinda' how BT tends to bring these guys up (or at least we worry about that expectation). These last couple weeks Smith isn't gonna' get his chain yanked, he's gonna' get a chance to play, make his mistakes without going to the BT doghouse - gotta' believe that'll be good in getting him to at least loosen up and play his game.

If DP is not able to move some combination of Blum/Ellis/SK/Horny we're gonna' be a little light in our top 6 next year - what's new? But, assume we get this team back, healthy, and DP does nothing but get a competent backup for Rinne - a disaster? Maybe a non-PO team - although in the realigned West the only for sure thing in our division is the Blackhawks. Assume a decent MN and StL, but I'm still not sure we aren't competitive for that last spot - and we're still letting the kids play and grow. Maybe not on the upswing yet, but I sure wouldn't go down the "awfully bleak" path.

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