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Originally Posted by Zih View Post
39:00 Ponder whether the organization is cheap enough to keep Sacco around next year purely so they aren't paying for 2 coaches at once. Dater paraphrase: "You wouldn't think that. But yet, knowing how cheap the team is, they might." Supposedly the Avs were forcing the players to pay the $10 internet fee at hotels until recently.
I know that there's a lot more to this whole Podcast than just the bolded....but MAN OH MAN that is CHEAP!

I mean that's on the level of The Oakland A's circa early 2000's forcing their players to pay for the Soda in the vending machines in their own clubhouse.

That type to stuff is going to get spread around the league by players, how CHEAP the ownership is, and is going to cause us to become even less desirable as a FA destination


And on the topic of Varly...this Ryan guy has the right mindset (from what I read up there).

I don't think that Varly has quit on the team, but when HE showed up at the beginning of the season, his teammates didn't, plain and simple. Varlamov CAN be the guy going forward, but the Avalanche, ne, ANY team in the NHL, cannot consistently rely on goaltending to win games, the league isn't like that anymore. Sure, you can have a goaltender give a great performance, but you cannot win in this league relying on your Goalie to be out of his mind every game.


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