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04-10-2013, 10:08 AM
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I had a bizzarre conversation with my Aunt (huge Habs fan) the other day. Basically the rest of her family was ragging on me cuz of the recent Habs win over the B's, and somehow the conversation gets on to Carey Price. Her face suddenly contorts in rage "I HATE Carey Price. Absolutely think he's going to hold us back from winning the cup".

My reaction was basically "WTF?" I had no idea Habs fans were at all skeptical of him anymore. I knew when Halak got traded their was some controversy but Price has been absolutely stellar ever since, so it definitely caught me by surprise.

Some people call Price one of the best if not the best in the game. Meanwhile his stats are good but not great, though he has gotten lots of wins. Personally I've always thought he was excellent, but I don't fear him the way I fear a Lundqvist.

Can he take you guys to the cup? I feel like he can. It reminds me a bit of Thomas actually, none of us B's fans knew if he could be "the guy" in the playoffs, until suddenly he was. Sooner or later Price is going to put up a huge playoff run and it'll seem obvious in retrospect that he could get the job done, but I suppose until it happens there will always be doubters.

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