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04-10-2013, 10:20 AM
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I see a lot of posts indicating what people want to give him, what they think is fair, what they think he should take, what they think fits our cap budget going forward...but the thing is they are ideal situations.

I think people need to simplify the thought process. I tend to agree with the OP

Gagner will be wanting 5x5+, and if he doesn't get it will go to arbitration and be ufa in a year.

I think there is 0 chance he takes another bridge contract, or takes a long term deal under 5M.

So this should be made into a poll question:

Would you rather...

A) Sign him to 5x5 Now

B) 1 year deal

keep in mind B) leads him into UFA where he could end up earning something more along the lines of Zajacs contract 6x8.

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