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04-10-2013, 10:59 AM
Chris Hansen
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Originally Posted by Sarava View Post
If you're not going to reply to what I posted, then please don't bother. It's getting old you trying to put words in people's mouths. You're the only one harping on this one soft goal crap. None of the Emery defenders are.
I did respond....
Crawford's play has been consistent. Then he has a rough few games and gives up one weak goal that everyone remembers (Legwand), and many begin calling for Emery to get a shot at #1.

You bring up Crawford's confidence. Do you think throwing another goalie into the #1 spot as soon as Crawford has a tough stretch is going to help that?

Plenty of Emery's fans prop him up by putting down Crawford. Seriously? It's not putting words in anyone's mouth. You see "I trust Emery more than Crawford, he's calmer in net, less prone to weak goals, etc..." every bit as much as you see "Emery's playing good hockey, he should get the #1 job."

So yes, I naturally return to the point that people often judge Crawford based on small samples of bad play rather than much larger samples of good play. A rather silly double standard, given Emery has his bad spells too. Every goalie does.

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