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Originally Posted by Patmac40 View Post
Even with that it's tough to predict. I remember doing that at 15 and it told me I would be 5'9" and I was already 5'8". I'm 6'0" five years later.
Thats within the same percentile and standard deviation range, so that is valid.

I guess i just see a lot of speculation on how big players are going to be and without some real science to back it up its much better IMO to look at their skill set today, see if it projects ahead by a couple of years and repeat the analysis as time goes on. If a player doesnt grow and it 'catches up with him' it will show on the ice, not just on the measure.

You are absolutely correct, and are proof yourself that 5.8 at 15 can be 6.0 five years later, etc ... and i realise that you cant teach size, but it shouldnt be something that's guessed upon - ie lets take player A because i think he will be 6.4 since he is 5.11 now, even though player B is better suited and is 2 inches shorter. Unless a players stats are accurate and tracked over time a scout really has no idea the range of adult size that a player could be. We all know that, in general, the stats are not necessarily accurate until they attend a camp/combine that records them accurately.

my 2 cents.

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