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04-10-2013, 11:18 AM
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Originally Posted by hckyplayer8 View Post
Insane isn't it? Not only does he receive every excuse in the book for his play; but apparently blatantly stating he gives two ***** is instantly defended and twisted into translation issues.
It's amazing to me that he can make a joke about Long Island's beaches perfectly fine, but when it comes to answering a simple question in English it's "translation issues".

Throughout his time in Orange and Black, Bryz has always been candid and honest in his interviews with the media, for better or WORSE. For the most part, I'd say for WORSE because the media has used several nuggets from Bryz interviews to pan him and/or to pan the entire team.

If he knows he's being asked a difficult question that could possibly be construed in the wrong way if he answers it improperly, why not just end the interview? Or why not just move past that question? Or why not just say "I love Philadelphia" and be done with it?

Bryzgalov is an intelligent man. I think most would agree he's an intellectual based on his past interviews, his hobbies/interests, etc. I have trouble accepting that an intelligent guy like Bryz doesn't understand the potential implications of answering a question from our beat writers with an answer that includes the words "I don't care". I liked it a lot better when Bryz wasn't speaking with the media.

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