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04-10-2013, 12:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Parker McDonald View Post
I'm so disappointed. I'm going to the game tonight and whenever I go to a game, I wear my jersey all day. When I went for lunch, the god damn ketchup dispenser didn't shoot down into that little ketchup cup. It went straight at my white Stepan jersey, which had a Lundqvist and Richards autograph on it. I'm afraid to say the jersey cannot be saved. She will remain on the LTIR indefinitely.

****. Now I have to wear a Ranger tee-shirt to the game.
I don't get people who wear autographed jerseys/memorabilia - for exactly this reason. I've got a Messier jersey with his autograph and a note, "94 cup", on it. I would never in a million years consider wearing that in public - or honestly even at home - for fear of something happening to it.

That said - its not necessarily game over yet. As others have said, there are ways to get stains out. Ketchup stains especially though aren't usually terribly difficult to get out (depending on what you did with it immediately following the accident). Here is a link with some tips:

If you didn't act quickly or do some of those other things, look into the heavy duty professional stuff or some home remedies. Just make sure that if you bring it to a professional dry cleaning service or something that you make it absolutely clear and drive the point home that you only want that part of the jersey cleaned -- so they don't end up removing the autographs by accident as well.

More tips:

****EDIT: The one rule with all stains is to act quickly so they don't set into the fabric, and make sure that in trying to remove it you don't rub it into the fabric more than it already is.

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