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04-10-2013, 11:33 AM
Rosso Scuderia
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Originally Posted by LePoche69 View Post
Ok, then prove me wrong. Sure he had a great game last night. I don't say he never has a great game. But most compliment I see here has more to do with hope than with Eller's actual production on the ice.

Yes he's only 23. He plays better than last year, mainly in his level of effort, but it barely translates in effective production.

Yes, he's average defensively, having 1 good game for 1 bad game (I'm not counting PKing where he's great). but since he's only 23, I'm willing to concied he's probably gonna be a good defensive player.

People thinks he plays well because he's flashy and he's good at stickhandling. But watch the games: it doesn't translate because he has poor vision. Heck, Galchenyuk and Prust stopped producing when Eller became their center. Yesterday's game showed how "free" Galchenyuk was not having to wait for a pass that never comes, and he playd his best game in a long time.

Everybody blast my post, but nobody prooved me wrong with facts. Eller is great on the PK, and great at "trying" to do everything himself, but his line never produce. And I don't care about last game -- that makes just one.

When do we see a crisp and precise pass from Eller? 1 or 2 every 5 games?

Paint it in any color you want, he isn't producing. I'm ok to have him on the third line because he's good enough for it and great on the PK. That's about it. Galchenyuk is the futur center of this team, and if Eller doesn't learn to play wings, he's good as gone.
Why do you keep saying that Eller lacks procuction? Do you realize his point production is quite good as a 3rd liner? You can compare it with the rest of the league and you will realize his production is pretty decent considering his role and linemates.

Eller is 5th in the team in points at even strength which is not bad at all.

He has 1g and 4 assists on the PP, same for DD but DD has plays on the PP every games while Eller gets a chance every 2 weeks.

So Eller has one point less than DD, with 2 less games, pratically no PP (and when he does he produces quite well)..but Eller is the one that is lacking production and should be trade? Yeah ok dude.

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