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04-10-2013, 11:36 AM
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Originally Posted by LittleKev6D9 View Post
I like Tejada at SS. But I agree about Muprhy. He's swinging the bat better, but he just doesn't look right as a 2B, and I doubt he's got a long term future with the Mets. Would love to see Wilmer Flores get some time this year and see how he does at 2B.

Bullpen obviously need help but I'm hoping with all of these pitching prospects (Familia, Menjia, Fulmer, Montero) some of them can make a transition to be relievers.

Outfield obviously needs work. Kirk has flashes but isn't consistent. Duda can't field to save his life. Valdespin is a headcase and also is questionable in the field. Nimmo is a big question mark after last year. Free Agency might be the best bet to fix the outfield for the Mets.
I think Murph is fine at second. If he can provide consistent offense, his average at best fielding plays fine. His range is okay, he makes the routine plays, occasionally makes a really good one. Flores is interesting, but let's remember that Murphy is a natural 3B and played that position better than Flores ever has. I can't see how Flores is going to be a defensive improvement there. Obviously we'll never know until we try, but I'd advise against getting our hopes up.

I don't know why people are down on Nimmo. His speed isn't as it was advertised, which makes it unlikely that he'll see time in center. But he has a great eye at the plate and terrific discipline for a guy his age. He's ahead of the curve in that respect for sure. The power will come and the strikeouts will drop as well. Let's remember he was drafted as a project, having not even been able to play HS baseball. The raw talent is absolutely there and I think he's shown good ability in his very brief career. I'm still very high on him.


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