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Her's a little something to chew on for all of you.....


Average ice-time in wins: 11:55
Average ice-time in losses: 13:57

In the playoff of 2011

Average ice-time in wins: 9:56
Average ice-time in losses: 11:46


Average ice-time in wins: 17:09
Average ice-time in losses: 19:07


Average ice-time in wins: 16:07
Average ice-time in losses: 17:23

Call me crazy.....but this is a real problem right?
More DD get ice-time, biggest are the chances of loosing.
And as the numbers show's been like that since day 1

In the last 10 games.....Habs won 6 and lost 4.

In the 6 wins, DD never played more than 17 minutes
In the 4 losts, DD played more than 17 minutes in 3 of them.

Not top 6 material. Isn't pretty obvious?

Just for the record, this year:

Average ice-time in wins: 19:46
Average ice-time in losses: 18:19

Average ice-time in wins: 14:52
Average ice-time in losses: 14:46

Average ice-time in wins: 12:22
Average ice-time in losses: 12:43

I think it's really time to get him off the top 6 center spot.
Eller really diserve it, at least a 4-5 games tryouts.

Same thing for the PP.....2 points in 33 games with regular PP (Gionta Too by the way)
Eller had 2 points in the only games he gets to be on the first 2 waves.
Even Gomez is better right now than DD on the PP (no joke)

I'm might be for some just a DD Basher.....but those numbers don't lie.
They are not cherry picks stats.....coincidence might happens for a year.....but not for 3 years in row.

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